New products at GDS!!

October 4, 2007

Well, the scrapbooking classes are underway at GDS!! It is a lot of fun and I have a great group of ladies to start out with.  This is my first try at writing tutorials so I am glad they are able to make sense of them! I do seminars all the time, so you would think I would be able to get my point across, right?

 I want to let you know about some new products in my store at GDS:

A Little Something Extra, Round felt elements to add some fun to your pages! Only $2.00

Two sets of colorful wooden frames for $4.00 each. OK for Commercial Use!

And, don’t forget about my Snag a Bag! It’s full of almost 100 MB of products that are OK for Commercial Use, as well!

The Supreme Team 3 contest is now over and we have 12 new members of the Store Creative Team!  Yay! One of the newest members is Kathy (KattyZak) and she created some awesome layouts!  All of the layouts were amazing and it was so hard to judge!  Congratulations to all the new Supremes!!!!


Freebies at GDS!!

September 19, 2007

Another post in September!!  I must be out of my mind!  Actually, I just wanted to tell you about the freebies at GDS.  Here is a look at my latest:

They are just some really fun saying from the amazing Erma Bombeck!  You can find them in the Designer Giveaway forum at GDS.  You must be registered to download them.

Also, I have some other new products:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Did you notice that it says you get a coupon in many of the products?  it should probably say “all”  because I am putting it in all of them right now!  There are, also, some new commercial use products coming out in the next day or so.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Birthday Overlays will be available for only $2.00!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Textured Overlays are great for adding a little something extra to your layouts or designs, and will be available for only $4.00!

I hope you stop by soon!  All the designers at GDS have really great products and we are adding new items everyday.  Andrea Gold is an amazing template designer, and Amy Fenner has some precious brag book templates.  Doreen Stolz and Verena Karolyi are really talented designers selling at GDS, as well as, Theresa Borntreger and Jessica Alger.  Theresa and Jessica have some really precious kits. 

Okay, okay!!!!

September 4, 2007

I know, I am a terrible blogger!!  Bad Amy!!!  I decided I needed to get over here and update everyone, because Beckie (lillypug34) asked for my blog site! Let’s see, what’s new with me?  Well, my oldest just started 3rd grade, and our 7 year old just started 1st!!!  Yeah, for back to school!!!! The downer is the amount of homework that the oldest (Matt) is coming home with every day.  YIKES! And, I am discovering that I should never try out for that show, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, b/c I struggle with some of what Matt is doing! The baby is just as happy as a clam, he hasn’t had any class changes since the beginning of the summer. 

 Another news item: We got a dog!!!  He is really cute, too! He is called a Griffonshire b/c he is a Brussels Griffon/Yorkie mix. Precious!!  I will look for a pic to post. His name is Doodle. Everyone laughs when they hear his name, but the baby really latched on to that name and it is so cute to hear him say it!

Design wise here are a couple of things that I have been working on :

A Day At The Spa-reg. $4.00, on sale for $2.00 during the week of the GDS Birthday Bash

This one is the first kit that will be used in the Supreme Team III contest!  It could be yours if you decide to participate.  The Supremes are the Site Creative Team for GDS. It is tons of fun, you get all sorts of freebies and really get to know the community at GDS.  You can sign up in this thread .

CT Call–My First!!

June 27, 2007

Here we go!! I am putting out my very first CT call! You wanna be a Party Girl? Take a look at the announcement below:

If you can’t read the announcement, it says:

“If you are selected for the Party Girls, the requirements are: 1 layout with each kit designed, posted to 4 galleries (DST, GDS, GP, and one of your choice). Term is for 3 months. Any other packs can be integrated into your layouts and posted with credit, as well.

If interested, please email me at and include the following: a link to your most active gallery, your forum name, other designers you have CT’ed for, your layout style, and how long you have been digiscrapping.”

You can visit my store here to view my products that are currently for sale.

Never been on a CT? That’s OK!!  It is tons of fun and you get to know people in the digiscrapping community. My demands will not be tough, I have a family, too.  I work full time, so my days are filled with that, as well.  I don’t expect you to drop your life to be on a CT.  What fun would that be?

I can’t wait to see those apps coming in!  Hurry and email me the call will end on July 21st, and the announcement will be made by the 23rd. 


June 14, 2007

Not really!  I have not been blogging much because I have been having so much fun designing!  I hope that everyone is visiting GDS often!  There is a link here on my blog, or you can click here.  GDS is such an awesome place and it is really growing fast!!  We have over 3000 members already!  There is a new Daily Download every day, and there is a Community Member Giveaway area and a new Designer Giveaway area! Of course, to download any of the giveaways you must be a member, but it is really simple to join.  This site is already high on list at the ratings sights. 

My store is growing and I currently have a new kit that will be coming out soon.  Here is a preview:


You will be able to purchase the Elements and Paper Pack separately.  I think that this is a really fun kit.  It was so much fun to make!  I hope that it does well. There will be so many uses for it. 

I am on vacation this week!!  WOOHOO!!  We stayed in Texas this year.  We are in New Braunfels on the Guadalupe River.  We have had so much fun.  My DH and the older boys got to tube on the river, we went to Sea World, Schlitterbahn (the largest water park in the world, with the best rated slides in the country), and my personal favorite, Natural Bridge Caverns.  I remember going on vacation as a child and going on cave tours.  The boys thought it was awesome.  I have plenty of pics to scrap when we get home. 

I just thought I would post an update.  Hope the rest of your week is great!!  I will post an announcement when my new kit is up in the store! 

Summer Wordart Freebie!!

June 8, 2007

Come on over to GDS to pick up a freebie from me!  You can pick it up here. Here is a preview:

You can, also, grab the Daily Download at GDS, which is also from me!  Here is a look at it:

These Paperclip Doodads are so cute and customizable, too!

Come on over and check it out!

New kit, paper pack and a SALE!!!!

May 30, 2007

I have a new kit, called Sunday Picnic; a new paper pack, called Shades of the Sea; and A SALE!!!! 

First things first-Sunday Picnic is full of gorgeous shades of barn red and grass green.  It is called Sunday Picnic because I remember my grandmother packing a picnic basket with snacks and a table cloth, and sitting under the tree in her backyard, just the two of us.  Those were great picnics!  When I look at these prints that is what I think of.  I don’t really remember if the tablecloth was red or not!  Here is a preview:

The new paper pack is full of awesome shades of blue, green, and purple and is called, Shades of the Sea.  All of these colors are in the waters of the sea at different times of day.

Now, if you visit my store , everything is 30% off from now until June 10th.  This is my little way of celebrating the beginning of summer!  Come on by and check out my products….

Sneak Peek!

May 25, 2007

Hey everyone!  I have been working on a new kit and I thought you might like to get a sneak peek. Here are a couple of papers:

8X8 matEcru printSome ribbons and Buttons

The kit does not have a formal name, yet, but a few I am kicking around.  I hope to have this new kit up in the store this weekend. 

Also, if you haven’t been to the GDS site, you may want to visit and view this . It is the place where you can order 12X12 prints of your layouts!  You can even get double-sided, so that your albums are not as bulky.  The quality is awesome and the service is great.  You can upload your images right there and the printing service does the rest.  When you order please enter my screen name, amyleigh1204, as your referrer!  I know you won’t be disappointed!

I designed something girly!!

May 24, 2007

Haha!!  I did it….I designed a girly kit!  It  is called Groovy Girl, take a look:

Groovy Girl Kit

There are nail polish smears, earring, and lots of pink, as you can see!  It was tons of fun to do.  I recalled passing notes in class and signing them LYLAS (Love You Like a Sister) and BFF.  Ah, those were the days….Would I want to go back?  Never!!  I was quite the little wallflower, scared of my shadow.  I wouldn’t want to be that way again. 

Just everyday stuff….

May 22, 2007

Whew!  Have I been busy!  Designing, scrapping, working, kids, house, you know….just everyday stuff.  Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to enjoy life. We should take pleasure in housework, caring for the family, cooking, because that IS what life is.  It is wonderful stuff…how long do we get to tuck our little ones in, cook a meal for the whole family and share it together, read books with the kids, watch the birds feeding their babies in the backyard? I love doing all of this stuff, but sometimes we just forget to really take it in and savor it.  We get so busy thinking about what we need to do next.

I think that is why I love to scrap just normal everyday moments. Preserving our everyday lives, not just the vacations, school events, baptisms, and sports. It will be so meaningful to remember those birds in the backyard, Matt (my oldest) planting those flowers, Caleb (the baby) playing in the rain, Christian (middle son) jumping as high as he could.  Those are the things that make life so sweet. Those are the moments that fade the quickest because they are not planned, or even intentionally caught on film. So when they are photographed, they are even more important.  Those are the moments that will bring tears to our eyes when we remember them in the future. Just being…….